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The firm of James Thomas Schaefer, CPA/CFF exists to solve critical asset division and support problems facing litigants throughout California.

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My practice is exclusively family law forensic accounting.


  1. Tracing assets and debts through multiple accounts including residences and other real property

  2. Reporting on income available for support (including equity awards)

  3. Assistance in settlement negotiations


  1. eDiscovery

  2. Blockchain / cryptocurrency

  3. Management of voluminous records

  4. Agriculture

Different Approach

  • Written reports/declarations are presented in a user-friendly "Question -- Answer format and summarize the factual finding and conclusions for each asset, debt and net income available for support.

  • For each fact, the relevent Bates-numbered documents are attached to the report/declaration.

  • The reports/declarations themselves are very easy for a settlement neutral or bench officer to follow because they are printed in readable-sized type with appropriate spacing and, where usefutl, have arrows and/or differentiating colors for clarity.

  • Custom demonstrative evidence is oftentimes prepared, more than simple charts, particularly to illustrate how funds were moved from account to account or to distribution.



  1. Certified Public Accountant in Calif - 1974

  2. M.S. Taxation - 2002

  3. Certified in Financial Forensics - 2008

  4. Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professions - 2019

  5. Certified Crypto Currency Forensic Investigator - 2021

  6. Arkfeld Master eDiscovery Certification - 2021

  7. Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator - 2021

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